Why fully tile a pool?

Fully tiling a pool by a trade certified pool tiler is timeless, ageless, classic and elegant. Nothing is quite like the invitation, sparkle and elegance of a fully-tiled pool, tiled correctly.

What the difference between a Pool Tiler and an Ordinary Tiler?

A lot! Pool tiling is virtually another trade. The creation, adjusting, levelling and the intricacies of cutting around a corner and coves is only the start.

F-One render to minimise cuts and achieve full tiles where possible, ie: Steps, Swim-outs and Spas to avoid unnecessary and unsightly cuts and ensure full tiles where possible, offering an aesthetically pleasing and fully functioning pool area.


pool gone wrong

F1 Tiling Pool.

F1 Tiling Pool.

I have seen or heard of tiles falling off, should I be worried?

Advancements in adhesives and additives in recent years have ceased the problem, but more importantly the invention of silicon back tiles (joint point system) has eliminated the problem altogether, with no nasty surprises in the future.
F-One tiling recommends Tiles with this system. We do not recommend Mesh, Paper Face or Plastic Face for swimming pools.

What grout do I use? 

Depends on the colour of the Tiles chosen.

  • White Tiles – We recommend using a white grout
  • Lighter Blues and Greens – We recommend using an off white grout
  • Darker Blues and Greens – We recommend a grey grout

The general rule of thumb is to grout in a lighter colour to the tile. In order to frame and highlight the beauty of a fully tiled pool, the grout colour must be same colour as the adhesive. We don’t recommend matching grout colour to tiles, you want those tiles to stand out when complete, not hiding the beauty of tiles!

Is Epoxy grout necessary?

Using Epoxy grout on a domestic swimming pool is overkill. The costs are excessively high and unnecessary provided you maintain the correct pH levels. Due to technological advances, filter levels are all self automated. This means cement based grouts will suffice.

We recommend and use a cement based white, off white and grey grout with a flexible additive.

When am I ready to tile?

28 days after concrete has been poured for a new pool.

When is the best time to call us?

Don’t miss out on summer!

F-One Tiling’s books start filling up as early as September!   March, April and May are the best times to start organising tiling to beat the rush. No pressure and guaranteed swimming in summer!

Can I Tile over existing surfaces?


Pebble Crete, Marble Sheen, Quartzon, even existing fully tiled pools!  This is provided they are all sound and not drummy (hollow sounding when tapped). Enquire about renovating your old, dated, Pebble Crete pool to an inviting, modern, Fully Tiled Pool for less than you might think!